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We represent workers who are whistleblowers or are subjected to harassment and discrimination.

Alexander Bernard named 2021 Super Lawyers Top 10 Attorneys in Southern California

Tracy Fehr named one of the Top Women Lawyers in California in 2020 by the Daily Journal

Michael Morrison & Tracy Fehr named to the Super Lawyers list in 2021

AM+F named 1 of Best Law Firms in Los Angeles in the 2021 Edition of U.S. News Best Lawyers

Fighting for employee justicE

Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP stands apart. We help you with the full range of workplace challenges: when applying for a job, during the course of employment, or after an illegal firing.

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Who We Are

Our experienced attorneys have represented hundreds of employees in the Greater Los Angeles area and throughout the state of California. Our lawyers achieve settlements and verdicts in whistleblower, discrimination and harassment cases in six-, seven-, and eight-figures.


Protecting your rights
under the law

At Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP, we are committed to providing you the tools you need to pursue justice. We encourage you to learn more about your rights by making use of the following resources.

Sexual Harassment.
My boss is subtly threatening to reward or punish me, depending on whether I engage in sexual acts. I want to keep my job. What can I do?

I’m disabled.
Is my employer required to discuss options that can help me continue working?

I was fired because I have cancer.
I can’t come to work on days that I’m recovering from chemo. Can I be let go because of that?

I was fired because I took a medical leave of absence.
Can my employer fire me for taking family leave or pregnancy time off?

Equal Pay Claims.
I think that I’m being paid less than male co-workers who do the same job with a different job title. Do I have a claim?

I think I’m being harassed.
My workplace is hostile to my religious beliefs. Do I have a case against my employer?

Can my employer eliminate overtime hours?
We used to get paid overtime, but my boss says that they can’t afford it now. Is that legal?

Do I have to go to trial?
Is going to trial the best option for me?

Here are some additional resources.
Learn about Equal Opportunity, Fair Employment, Occupational Safety & Health, Disability Rights, and more.

Whistleblower basics.
I reported illegal conduct. Is that whistleblowing? Am I protected under the law and what are my rights as a Whistleblower?

Case Results

At Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP, in Los Angeles, we are proud to have achieved positive results for our clients in a vast number of cases. We have demonstrated excellent legal skill in jury trials, appeals, mediation and arbitration against all types of employers who have failed to provide the right environment or treatment for their employees. Of course, every case is different. Not every claim will yield a million-dollar verdict. Our goal is to achieve a just result for your situation, in whatever way that best suits the circumstances.


An October 2018 verdict of $3 million California Family Rights Act award to a security guard who was forbidden from taking emergency family leave to attend to his sick, high school aged daughter, and was deemed to have abandoned his job, even after being given permission to leave his post. A case tried by Bernard Alexander.

In January 2017, obtained a $2.5 million verdict on behalf of a corporate attorney who was terminated and defamed in retaliation for insisting on truthful disclosure of information on financial disclosure statements.

In November 2016, obtained a $310,000 verdict against Kaiser Permanente Hospital for failing to accommodate an experienced, well-qualified nurse.

In March 2014, obtained a $6.9 million judgment on behalf of three Latino police officers denied promotion based on race.

In November 2014, obtained a $1.6 million disability and defamation verdict on behalf of an hourly fork lift operator against Costco.

In July 2012, obtained an age discrimination verdict, where a city of Long Beach computer operator was forced to resign, and the jury found constructive discharge.

A $1.2 million “glass ceiling” failure to promote verdict on behalf of a female employee of the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services

A $1 million jury verdict for a chief nursing officer subjected to retaliation for standing up to sexual harassment.

A $2.5 million jury verdict for age discrimination against a television reporter.

A $3.2 million arbitration award for a stock broker for sex discrimination.

A multimillion-dollar settlement of a California Fair Pay Act claim.

A multimillion-dollar settlement of a sexual assault claim

In March 2016, obtained an $800,000 settlement for a city of Montebello whistleblower who was terminated as a scapegoat and falsely blamed for mismanagement of city funds.

Numerous seven-figure wage and hour class action settlements handled by attorney Michael Morrison.

In 2018, Tracy Fehr prevailed on an appellate writ petition to allow our client to assert the remedy of punitive damages in a cancer, disability and age discrimination case.

Numerous six and seven figure settlements in cases alleging FMLA/CFRA violations, retaliation, whistleblower liability, sexual harassment and assault, pregnancy discrimination, sex discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, breach of contract, wrongful termination, and wage and hour violations.